I’m pumped! Can anyone in Economics Ville please help me, and I’m sure the rest of the country, understand how (and you might as well throw in ‘why’) oil companies have decided to, once again, give us another ‘Lube Job’ by raising the price of a litre of gasoline by almost five cents?  Overnight! Out of the blue! As oil prices fall! That’s a mighty hefty kick in the gas can!

I would tell the Premier or the Prime Minister that we’ve been sucker punched but I dare not interrupt them. They’re usually in bed with the slippery dipsticks who make these rather ruthless and dysphemistic decisions. A nickel a litre is like hitting triple 7’s at the casino. Ain’t nobody going to leave the ‘one-armed bandit’ till the bells stop ringing and the fat-cat oil execs starts singing, “Another round for my good friends! Roll out the barrel and while we’re at it, let’s raise the price another nickel next week. Everybody’s a winner!”

Oh yes, we are indeed winners. More like wieners I think. Little porkers that are poked, choked and smoked by a gutless gang of gas gougers who would have us believe they are doing it for the good of Mankind.

Well, this little piggie knows better but can’t do a damn thing about it! My friends, Robin Hood is dead! The Sheriff and his men have won out in the end and their goal is obvious: Steal from the poor piggies so the rich hogs can have more!

That’s all I can say for now except I know my tank’s closing in on the big ‘E’ and tomorrow I’ll be reaching deeper into my pockets (and whatever I can find in my piggy bank), just like the thousands of other suckers who really have no choice but to pay the Pitiful Pipers of the Pump!

One thing I do know about finance and economics: pigs get fat – hogs get slaughtered. We can only wish. One day my friends…one day…