WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE, EH? (Go ahead, take the test)

Pssst! How’s YOUR grammar? (Not so good?)… didn’t think so! Oh, we (blogging frog and friend Lily) know… grammar and spelling are going the way of the dinosaurs and thanks to the likes (or dislikes) of Facebook and Twitter, a new means of communicating is emerging. It goes something like this:

XME…AYT?…GR8!…PMFI…JW, (TIC)…HOW’S UR GRAMMAR?…DKDC?…YGTBKM!(RME)…BION, BTDT!…CMIIW, IS GRAMMAR AND SPELLING A CWOT? DTS! E123 (EWG)…FICCL! HOAS…(and here’s the translation: Excuse me, are you there? Great! Pardon me for interrupting…just wondering (tongue-in-cheek)…HOW’S YOUR GRAMMAR? Dont’t know? Don’t care? You’ve got to be kidding me! (rolling my eyes)…Believe it or not, been there, done that!…Correct me if I’m wrong, IS GRAMMAR AND SPELLING A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME? Didn’t think so! Easy as 1, 2, 3 (evil wicked grin)…Frankly, I couldn’t care less! Hold on a sec…

No, we DO care! Call us TRex if you must, but we’re of the Old Guard, those raised and educated with the King’s English. For years, however, we have seen an abysmal deterioraton of the English language. We think you’ll agree that one cannot play a game without rules and, in the same way, one cannot communicate effectively without the same.

SO WHAT ARE WE PLANNING TO DO ABOUT IT? GQ! (good question…we made that up ourselves). Let’s start with a basic check-up. Take the quiz below and see how you do. If you ace it (45 out of 45), forget everything we’ve said and return to your favourite website which encourages creative letter formations and hackneyed expressions. If, however, you don’t do too well, then we invite you to follow our upcoming blogs which will get you back in the game; that is, teach you the true basics of the English language.

Everyone from grade 5 and up is invited.

We promise to teach you in a simple, direct way and guarantee that your writing, spelling and speaking will improve. Good luck and enjoy! Here we go…

Choose the correct word(s) in brackets.  Answers and brief explanations will follow:

1. There appears to be a problem between you and (I or me).

2. It takes (alot, a lot or allot) of (practice or practise) to master the English language.

3. I’ve (saw or seen) the error of (there, their, they’re, thier) ways.

4. One of every twenty users (think or thinks) that Facebook babble is the (way or weigh) of the future.

5  (To, too or two) many people think (its, it’s) a joke.

6. Grammar has (its or it’s) rules and each of us (has or have) a choice (whether or weather) to go along (with or whith) them of not.

7. The tired man (laid, lied,or lay) on the sofa thinking about (mispelled or misspelled) words.

8. For (who or whom) is this test designed?

9.  Michael Phelps has (swam or swum) in many Olympic races.

10. He must (of or have) been born under the sign Pisces (actually he was born June 30…Cancer.)

11. I (don’t or doesn’t) have (no or any) homework.

12. She is older (then or than) (he or him) and is the (youngest or younger) of the (too, two or to).

13. One of the ladies (has or have) (saw or seen) the movie.

14, The murderer was (hung or hanged) for the crime.

15. Please (accept or except) my (complements or compliments).

16. The book is (entitled or titled) “Grammar is Good!”

17. Neither he (or or nor) she (like or likes) to read.

18. Fifteen dollars (was or were) left as a tip for the waitress.

19. The movie’s special (affects or effects) were amazing.

20. Persistence (affects or effects) any outcome.

21. “(Bring or Take) these cookies to your sick grandma, Little Red!” said mother.

22. “She has (lay, laid or lain) in bed for days,” she added.

23. It was (he or him) (whose or who’s) responsible.

24. (Who or Whom) would you choose to (accept or except) the award?

25. (Who’s or Whose) car is that?

26. (He or Him) and (her or she) should follow you and (I or me).

Now it’s time to face the truth. Scroll down for the correct answers:





1. me (object of the preposition…you’ll soon learn all about it)

2 a lot (meaning much), practice (the noun form since it too is the object of the prepostion)

3. seen (past perfect of saw), their (possessive pronoun)

4. thinks (agrees with singular subject ‘one’), way (as in direction)

5. Too (more than enough…an adverb), it’s (contracted form of ‘it is’)

6. its (possessive pronoun), has (must agree with singular ‘each’), whether (conjunction)

7. lay (past tense of lie), misspelled (prefix ‘mis’ + spelled)

8. whom (object of preposition ‘for’)

9. swum (past perfect of swim…I swim. Yesterday, I swam. I have swum)

10. have (auxiliary verb…’of’ is a preposition)

11. don’t (do not), any (if a person claims he or she doesn’t have no homework, then it creates a double negative and reverses the intended meaning)

12. than (conjunction), he (subject form…you wouldn’t say ‘him is’ would you?), younger (since there is only two siblings), two (the number)

13. has (must agree with ‘one’, not ladies), seen (past perfect of saw)

14. hanged (people are ‘hanged’; pictures are ‘hung’)

15. accept (verb), compliments (praise)

16. titled (‘entitled’ means to furnish with a right…many (except His Majesty) believe the two are interchangeable.

17. nor (always goes with ‘neither’), likes (‘neither, nor’ implies a singular subject)

18. was (singular form is used when referring to a sum of money)

19. effects (‘effects’ is a noun)

20. affects (used as a verb)

21. take (this is always a tricky one…more later)

22. lain (past perfect of ‘lie’)

23. he (subject completion), who’s (contracted form of ‘who is’)

24. Whom (direct object of verb phrase ‘would choose’), accept (receive)

25. Whose (possessive adjective)

26. He (subject pronoun), she (ditto), me (direct object of verb ‘follow’)


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