Tsk, tsk, Tiger! You’re back to your old self…AGAIN! You have shown the world (at least those of us interested in Sunday golf) what a genuine bonehead you can be. There you are, at the infamous Par 3 Bear Trap, five holes remaining…five strokes behind leader Rory McIroy… all eyes (and ears) on you.

Your shot fights its way through strong, swirling winds, barely makes it across the ravenous lake (which has already swallowed 60 or so golf balls) and plops down safely a foot or so from the edge of the green.  It may not have been the shot you had planned or hoped for, but it did put you in position to make a difficult birdie or at least par.

But you blow it….AGAIN! The camera zooms in for the reaction shot and catches you red handed with your guard down (thank goodness it wasn’t your pants…AGAIN!) Three words, in the form of a combined question and exclamation: “What the FU…K?!”

The plaque beside the statue of the bear on the hole of this Jack Nicklaus-designed course warns “It should be won or lost right here!” And you, Mr. Woods, lost it…AGAIN!

 Hey, I’m not a prude and could probably go toe-to-toe against you in a swearing match but your egregious vulgarity in front of the world takes the class out of Classic. The folks at Honda will certainly not be happy with your outburst. They like to brand themselves as a family-oriented company. They invest a lot of money in the hopes that that the entire family will tune in and watch the world’s best golfers compete.
Tiger, you lost a ton of respect for past indiscretions and you promised not long ago that you would change things for the better. But your “What the F..K?!” was a triple bogey and you know very well that no one can be a winner with this kind of unnecessary and most important, unprofessional behaviour.

I have changed the channel and am now watching figure skating. Funny thing, one of the leaders just attempted a triple axel and fell to the ice. He got right back up, regained his composure and finished his performance with a smile and a wave to the appreciative audience. He may not win the competition but he definitely showed a lot of class. Something that you did not Tiger…AGAIN!


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