My daughter and her beau have convinced me that it’s time to leave the comfort of my ‘lilly pad’ (a.k.a. the sofa) and share with the world my poetic life story of our beloved family dog who passed away in January of 2007. His name was Niki and he was a beautiful golden Cockapoo who (not which…he was more human than dog) was like a son I never had or a brother my three daughters missed out on. We shared fifteen magical years together and when it came time to make ‘the decision’, our family was heartbroken.  We had lost a family member…

Anyone who has lost a pet knows the emotional impact it can bring. I was with Niki as he lay on the vet’s examination table after taking (without complaint) the lethal dose that would stop his heart (and suffering). If you read (or have read) the final pages of Garth Stein’s “The Art of Racing in the Rain” as he details his final moments with his dog Enzo, then you’ll understand. Heart wrenching is the best I can do…

Soon after his passing, I found myself staring at the tiny wooden box that contained the cremated remains of my best bud. It sat next to our family room t.v. stand on top of our sub woofer (yes, I know how ridiculous that must sound).  A lovely, white sculpted statue of a dog resembling Niki sits atop this final resting place (unless, of course, I decide one day to bury him in our yard). Suddenly, out of nowhere (The Universal Consciousness as some would have it), I hear Niki’s voice (No, it was nothing to do with the woofer). “Go ahead,” he (not it… you know why) said, “tell me a story…” A story! Of course! I’ll write a story about Nick (real name Nicholas as he was a Christmas present), one that will honour the memory of this remarkable and unforgettable being.

And so…I give you “Tricky Niki Poopie Butt”, a tale for all ages, especially those who ‘in the know’…

Mark January 31 on your calendar as this will be the launch date for the first of seven installments. Enjoy…



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